Cylindrical (loading) coil calculator

This tool calculates the inductance, AC loss resistance, quality factor, self resonant frequency and wire length of a single layer cylindrical coil.
Following limitations apply:

  • "Magnet wire" (solid round copper wire with thin isolation) is used.
  • The coil form is round and has no magnetic loss (eg. PVC, PTFE, PE, porcelain, fiberglass, ...)

Coil dimensions:

Coil form diameter (D):    cm     
Number of turns (N):   
Coil length (L):    cm
Wire diameter (d):    mm
Operating frequency (F):    kHz


Inductance :   ... μH
RAC at operating frequency:   ... Ω
Quality factor at operating frequency:   ...
Self resonant frequency:   ... kHz
Wire length:   ... m (without leads)