Daily report published on NJDTechnologies.net will stop on January 31th

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Jan 14 2021


On January 13th John, KB5NJD, published following announcement:

It pains me to report that January 31 will be my last daily report published on NJDTechnologies.net after nearly five and a half years of providing public content.

My web host is preparing to make software upgrades that will conflict with my site. Because there are nearly 2100 posts (about 40000 8.5 X 11 pages if you printed them all out), estimates suggest that it
will cost multi-kilobucks to upgrade the site to functionality and a normal presentation after the upgrade is complete in February. I’m not going to do that.

Currently a test system is being built to determine the full impact of the upgrade. Because the backup files are so large, the clock is at 48 hours and counting to unzip the archive files. We are certain that
the process is still running because we can see files populating the directories. Once completed, we will replicate the coming updates and see what remains.

Best case scenario is that once the update occurs, the site will be accessible as an archive but may not look right to the viewer. Some links may not work but posts may remain visible in one capacity of another. There are no guarantees. I will fix what I can. I am a content creator and not a web developer. Worst case scenario is that the site will be completely inaccessible. Either way, it may take some time to restore any level of access.

If there are posts that you wish to preserve, for whatever reason, it is advisable that you PDF those posts immediately. You can use a site like this one to do it: https://cloudconvert.com/save-website-pdf. While I will retain complete final backups, its unclear whether I will be able to view or present from these archive in the future.

If I had the time I would PDF everything but I’ve not found a utility that does the level of automation that I require so I am leaving that up to the viewer. I do have PDF back ups of daily reports for a couple of months back into 2020, however. I’m kicking myself now for not making a PDF process part of my standard operating procedure with each post. Hindsight.

I am currently working with those who have files hosted on my site to ensure a clean transition to other host sites. I may also ask those with sites to host some critical files like the “band plan” file, the links” file and the “Hall of Flame”. W5EST has a great collection of PDF’s that are based on operator accounts and activity that he has compiled over the years and I will need to find a home for the Table of contents. Some of those PDF files are located on the site and others are located on the Google cloud.

My activity here really won’t change much. I’ll continue to be active on 630 meter CW each morning and night as seasonal darkness allows. Because I continue to write the quarterly column in CQ Magazine, I would appreciate the continued high level of communication between active operators. Just because I won’t have a website to publicly distribute content does not mean that I won’t be taking notes for future print content.

Thanks again to all that have supported the site by providing content and activity as well as to all of the viewers over the years.


John KB5NJD..

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