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Name:John Molnar
QTH:Vermont USA (FN33lq)
Rig:500 & 1kw Class D PA, transverter driven. RX: 12' (3.5m) shielded, preamped loop, 8m low noise high-Z vertical, transformer coupled, preamp in shack.
QRP operation with U3 driving a barefoot 25W MS Solutions transverter.

TX power controlled by VARIAC autotransformer
Antenna:12m Marconi-T vertical, 2x-33m top wires on 1.5m spreaders over ~60 radials.
E(I)RP:1 - 5
Active modes:WSPR, JT9, any nonlinear digital mode
Message:Click here to send a message to WG2XKA
Remarks:Website : WG2XKA.wordpress.com

CU on the band! Special QSL upon request.
Home call is WA3ETD, my Part 5 Experimental call is WG2XKA...

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