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Name:Steve Ayling
QTH:Komorow (KO02jd)
Rig:Station all home-brew except TS690S trcvr
Rx: rf preamp + TS690S
Tx: CW/QRSS/Opera: DDS + various Class E Mosfet pa 40W-250W
Tx: Digi-modes: phasing exciter + Class AB pa 2.5W + Class C pa 30W
Antenna:Inverted-L: base and end loaded, 14m vertical, 47m top
E(I)RP:0.8W ( CW ), 0.12W ( digi )
Active modes:CW, QRSS, DFCW, Opera, WSPR, JT9, FT8, JT65
Remarks:qsl via eQSL.cc, buro via G4ASL, direct ( see QRZ.com ), LoTW

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