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Name:Ed Larsen
QTH:El Dorado Hills, Ca (CM98LS)
Rig:Flex-6300 at 8 dBm driving a single transistor Class-AB1 buffer with +19 dBm output driving an LPB Inc. LA-30 amplifier to 50W output.
Antenna:TX: 38' vertical with 5-petal wire top hat similar to an umbrella (330pF). 55 radials about 40 feet long. Loading coil is motor-tuned Litz wound with a variometer of about 350uH connected from antenna to ground. Q is about 700 and coupling is via a 4-turn link. RX antenna is also the vertical.
E(I)RP:approx. 1 W
Active modes:CW, NB-SSB, AM, digital perhaps someday.
Remarks:Contact me via email if you would like to schedule a CW or SSB QSO.

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