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Name:Colin Thomson
QTH:Rayleigh, Essex (JO01ho)
Rig:TS850SAT, A Homebrew TX converter ideas taken from Roger G3XBM's design and the PA side of it is now based on GW3UEP's 100W design with some mods. The LO fed is from the 10Mhz GPSDO. A similar TX setup is used on 136k with ~80W O/P
Antenna:11m vertical section x 21m top, bottom loaded Inverted L used on 136k with an additional coil of ~ 6mH.

Sometimes I use a PA0NHC miniwhip on RX. Soon to be relocated to the main mast.
E(I)RP:I guess ~100mW on MF. 10-15mW on LF
Active modes:Mostly digital and beacon modes.
Remarks:LF/MF is a great challenge for my small setup :-)

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