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Name:Colin Thomson
QTH:Rayleigh, Essex (JO01ho)
Rig:TS850SAT, Currently using a Homebrew TX converter loosely based on the G3XBM design with a higher rating PA FET fed with 24v so the O/P is ~40W now. The LO fed is from the 10Mhz GPSDO. A similar TX setup is used on 136k with ~80W O/P
Antenna:11m vertical section x 21m top, bottom loaded Inverted L. Also used on 136k with an additional coil.
Sometimes I use a PA0NHC miniwhip on RX.
E(I)RP:I guess ~15 - 20mW
Active modes:Most digital and beacon modes.
Remarks:I monitor more than TX, The grabber is part time on various bands (LF - SHF) available on request if I am in the shack.

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