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Name:Rüdiger Westphal
QTH:Düsseldorf (JO31JE)
Rig:RX on LF-MF: IC-7400
TX on MF: Ultimate 3 (soon TXing, QRP barefoot -- +20 dBm
RX on LF-MF: SDRplay + SDRuno Software
Antenna:TX: INV-L, 12m up, 30m long with VARIOMETER + loading coil, noisy for RX use
RX: PA0RDT MiniWhip (Active E field probe) VLF-MF
E(I)RP:less than 0,1 Watt ERP (1% TX output) not Enought
Active modes:WSPR, QRSS, Opera, sometimes JT-9, QRA64
Message:Click here to send a message to DL4EAI
- online at rempotehams.com and also
- permanently WSPRing with band hopping on 10 bands.
- TX can transmit on LF and MF up to mixer stage 1mW: intent to add a Driver and PA unit for LF/MF
- I am active on various bands (LF - UHF) available on request if I am in the shack.
- 2 Watts on HF

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