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Name:Stefan Schäfer
QTH:Heidelberg (JN49IK)
Rig:RX city: Homemade converter using SBL-3 and xtal 1.8432MHz/4 as LO, Spectrum Lab.
RX forest: Homemade stereo converter, SA612 + 1.8432 MHz/4 LO. RF 2-ch vorbis streaming by Raspberry Pi2, darkice software, Spectrum Lab.
TX: Homemade H-bridge class D PA with adjustable power.
Antenna:TX: INV-L, 30m up, 70m long
RX city: Active E field probe, 38m AGL
RX forest: 2 single turn orthogonal loops, 4m diameter
E(I)RP:1 W max!
Active modes:WSPR, CW, QRSS, JT-9

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