Who is who

Name:Tom Koelpin
QTH:Amberg (JN59WK)
Rig:Home RX: RX1001 (Hagenuk)
Home remote RX: Perseus 100 m away
Remote via www: Perseus SDRs at club station DL0AO, 5 km away (JN59VK)
Manual audio diversity for all RXs
TX: Synthesizer MG100M (Schomandl), EX1001 (Hagenuk)
PA (LF, MF): homemade with tubes 2x4xPL519 push pull class B
Details see website
Antenna:Home RX: active rod HE011 (R&S)
Home remote RX: Bonito whip, earth dipole, loop
Remote via www: loops, dipoles, Miniwhip, beverages ...
TX: Marconi-T 13 m up, top load 4x33 m (from VLF up to 160 m usually too noisy for RX use)
Details see website
Active modes:CW, QRSS, DFCW
Message:Click here to send a message to DK1IS
Remarks:Hope to hear/see you on the air!

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