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Name:Horst Grimm
QTH:Ihlow, East Frisia, northwest Germany (JO33RK)
Rig:IC 7600, IC 735 as Exciter
Homebrewed Amplifier, 200 W with two IRFP 4227PBF Class AB/C PA from DJ0ABR does only deliver 40watt!
Now using an amplifier by WB4JWM with 40 Watt at the moment. Try to get more power (200 watt) but it is difficult.
Antenna:Quater wave,158m long, about 8-10m high, no tuning necessary. Measured with mini vna.SWR 1:1,2
Active modes:FT 8
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Remarks:All these amplifiers with MOSFET´s designed by radio amateurs do not work very well!If your are not an engineer in rf it´s hard to get them work!

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