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  • DD7PC (2020 Nov 6, 17:05): acitve this evening in JT1 + FST4-60sec. vy73 DD7PC
  • WA1JAS (2020 Jul 23, 14:30): Howdy, listening around 474 kHz every evening if noise not too bad. CW only right now, BC-191F 100w with RAL-6 rcvr.Antenna is a TEE, 85 feet tall, radial system always improving.
  • NZ5A (2020 May 7, 00:34): Hello, everyone. I am brand new to the group and hope to be on the air soon. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to beacons a long time. I wrote the August 2019 QST article entitled ‘Exploring Propagation On 630 and 2200 Meters’ that won the cover-article award. I got many good responses from many from low-band enthusiasts. For now, now just wanted to say I’m excited to join the good effort I’ve been reading about here. Bob, NZ5A
  • DL5OCD (2020 May 5, 17:33): QRV 474.2khz WSPR, pse ask for other modes.
  • DB8BG (2020 Jan 6, 18:03): DB8BG 06.01.20 At the moment I`m QRV on 477 kHz in FT 8 with 40 Watt from an IC 735. Building the next amplifier hopefully better than the last one!

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