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  • KI6R (2018 Sep 17, 05:37): Does anyone know what the beacon that is making noise on 475.0 kHz 24/7 is, and where it is located?
  • KD2NZS (2018 Jul 21, 12:43): Heard interesting code (not Morse code) on 473 kHz at 23:43 (UTC-4), July 20, to 01:30 (UTC-4), July 21. Consisted of groups of short dashes, or long dots, followed by long pauses (e.g., 27, 1, 11).
  • IK0VSV (2017 Dec 30, 20:14): Cerco contatti con om italiani Per scambio esperienze...sono principiantissimo in 600mt.. Opero solo cw. Chi mi vuol contattare bia e mail O cell 3891440727
  • IK0VSV (2017 Dec 30, 20:10): Hallo! Im new user, vlfer since 20yr but now i will try tx both 600mt and 2200. Vy appreciated contact via email. Im looking for schematic of a PA abt 50/100watt... Best 2018 to all user Marco
  • FR5DH (2017 Dec 28, 11:21): hi, my first wspr report on 630m is PA0A last night. the magic band is 630m for me, hi! 73 and happy new year!

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