500 kHz distance records

The list below shows the claimed worldwide distance records for contacts near 500 kHz prior to 2012-02-17.

Regarding the modes, distinction is made between phone, CW, QRSS (including DFCW) and digi. WSPR is treathed seperately.
QSO stands for complete two way contacts (exchange of callsigns, reports and confirmation). SWL stands for one way contacts, including cross band QSOs and incomplete two way contacts (in all cases at least copy of the full callsign is required). One way contacts will only be included in the lists if it exceeds the standing two way contact record.
WSPR reports can be claimed as one way contacts.

Please send your claims to .


Mode QSO/SWL Stations DX (km) Remarks
 CW  QSO  PA0A (JO33DE)  WE2XGR/6 (FN12LQ)  5954  2010-02-09 at 04:00
 QRSS  QSO  OR7T (JO20IX)  VX9MRC (GN37PP)  4073  2009-11-17 at 00:20 - QRSS 3