Band plan

So far there is no rigid band plan, but at the 2014 IARU Region 1 General Conference Recommendation VA14_C4_REC_02 on the proposed usage of the 472-479 kHz band was accepted:


International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 2014 General Conference – Varna-Albena, Bulgaria

Minutes of the Final Plenary, 23rd Region 1 General Conference


Recommendation VA14_C4_REC_02
That the plan on the proposed usage of the 472 – 479 kHz band (630 m) be accepted:
472 - 475 kHz CW only – maximum bandwidth 200 Hz
475 – 479 kHz CW + digimodes

Proposed by: NRRL
Seconded by: VERON
The motion was carried with two votes against



A more detailed, but informal (de facto), band plan based on the current usage of the band:

472.0-475.0 kHz CW
475.3-475.6 kHz weak signal "QSO" digimodes (JT9, FT8, WSQ, ...)
475.6-475.8 kHz WSPR
476.1-476.3 kHz QRSS/DFCW (Europe)
477.6-477.8 kHz QRSS/DFCW (North America)
478.5-478.8 kHz Opera