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  • Argo (I2PHD) A DFCW and QRSS viewer
  • Freeware for radio amateurs (DL5WSB, sk) Mini Ring Core Calculator, mini dB Calculator, ...
  • Opera (EA5HVK) Opera receiving and transmitting software
  • QRS (ON7YD) QRSS & DFCW transmitting software
  • SlowJT9 (ON7YD) Supports the slow JT9 submodes (JT9-2, JT9-5 and JT9-10) as well as JT9-1
  • Spectrum Lab (DL4YHF) Audio spectrum analyzer with waterfall display, for QRSS & DFCW reception
  • Winrad (I2PHD et al.) SDR amateur radio program
  • WSJT-X (K1JT et al.) FST4(W), FT4, FT8, JT4, JT9, JT65, Q65, MSK144 and WSPR receiving and transmitting software
  • WSPR (K1JT) WSPR receiving and transmitting software
  • WSQ (ZL2AFP, DL4YHF) WSQ2 receiving and transmitting software




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*: Can be used for 630 m as well.
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