Reflectors, groups

  • RSGB's LF Reflector: Email list. Anyone is free to join the reflector by sending an e-mail to Majordomo(at)blacksheep(dot)org with the "subject" field blank and the following message in the message field: first line = "subscribe rsgb_lf_group", second line = "end" (both without the quotes) .
  • RSGB LF Group: The RSGB LF Group has been in existence since the mid-1990s and is available to all Radio Amateurs. Usage guidelines are as set out for all RSGB online facilities.
  • 600MRG: 630 meter operation discussion list. This list is devoted to the discussion and support of operations in the old 600 meter band, and now for operations in the new 630 meter ham band. 600MRG stands for 600 Meter Research Group. More information and subscribing at www.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/600mrg.

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